Expandable/Exchangeable elements

Would you like to change your BILT house? That can be as easy as building the house itself. Whether you want to make it larger, smaller or have a different layout for your house, this can be done in a very short time and without waste.

Easy assembly

The construction of the house is actually quite simple. The truck that delivers the panels has its own crane which places the panels in place using a suction cup. By placing the wall panels 1 by 1, the window frames can also be simultaneously placed. As a result the house is immediately wind-and waterproof.

Quick assembly

After the production of the panels and ordering of spare parts BILT assembles your house within 6 weeks: 2 weeks for the foundation and first floor, 2 weeks for the rest of your house, 2 weeks for the completion (placement of the flexible pipes, modular floors and interior walls). Within 6 weeks a house is delivered that no longer requires painting or finishing. Your house is ready for occupation!


As soon as the structural work is completed, the pipework and utilities will be installed. Once these flexible pipes are in place the modular floor is placed on top of it. As soon as the floor is laid, the inner walls are placed and the final touches are made to the utilities.

Flexible foundation

Whether you want to build your house in the mountains, in a swamp or on top of an apartment building, it is all possible, because BILT uses 'screw foundations'. These are foundation piles that are simply rotated, vibration free, like a screw into the ground using simple equipment. This foundation is the only foundation that is reusable, thus truly recyclable.


All building elements are produced in the Netherlands in our climate. This way, BILT can guarantee that the product will always fit perfectly and that no waste is left on the construction site.

Sun shield

Saint Gobain’s triple glass allows light in, but heat, sound and cold are kept out.  Perfect and simple awnings.

Solar cells

A BILT house comes standard with a roof full of solar panels yielding the highest possible returns.


Of course you choose LED lighting in your BILT House.

Energy producing

BILT homes are particularly efficient, but that’s not all. A roof full of the most innovative solar panels ensures that a BILT house creates more energy than it uses.

High insulation

BILT houses are very well insulated and this high level of insulation ensures that the energy requirements of a BILT house are very low.

The combination of 30cm thick insulation material and solar control triple glazing ensures that there is virtually no necessity for heating or cooling.


BILT uses nano-infrared panels to heat the house. Infrared heating warms the interior of the house, the same as the sun does. BILT’s heating system is an elegant and practical system; a combination of very efficient small infrared panels.

Warm water

BILT chooses the most logical installations: water is only heated on the spot where it is needed. Constantly keeping water at a desired temperature costs a lot of energy. The used hot water is recycled by a heat pump that preheats new hot water again.


BILT homes have no gas, no district heating and no geothermal connection. All the equipment is electrical, easy to connect, easy to extend and easy to maintain/replace. A BILT house comes standard with a roof full of solar panels and produces more energy per year than it can use. The excess energy is supplied to the grid.


Flush your toilet with only 1.2 liters of water? This is only possible through the vacuum system that BILT uses in the houses.


A BILT House has natural ventilation at every window and a fully automatic controlled central extraction system. This is the most logical and least energy-consuming method for ventilation. With this system you can always check the air ventilation values, no matter where you are.

Materials used

Only recyclable, non-scarce raw materials are used in the BILT construction system. Recycled aluminum and FSC timber are the most important. A BILT House is efficiently produced and assembled. Any wastage during manufacturing is 100% recyclable or reusable. When a BILT house is 'rebuilt’ or changed, there is no waste produced.


A BILT house only needs to be cleaned. Other than that, a BILT house is maintenance-free, therefore no painting of your gutters, windows and walls. These are all premade using the BILT building construction system, coated with aluminum on the outside.

Adjustable walls

Your BILT house can always easily be made larger and smaller. The internal layout can easily be changed by moving the inner walls. Of course this can be done without damaging other parts.

The inner wall system is designed to be both moveable and expandable.

The interior doors are one story high, require no frame and have hidden hinges.

Light weight

BILT panels are made from very strong but light materials. This ensures an extremely light building construction system that is almost 8 times lighter than traditional building construction.

Large free span

Currently BILT builds up to 4 stories high. The maximum span of a floor or roof panel is 8.40 meters.


All wall openings are basically one story high. Therefore any window frame is possible: fixed frames, glass doorways and folding or sliding windows.

With BILT the moving parts are always built with a ' hidden vent ', making the moving part in combination with the frame ultra slim, and thus allowing room for more glass.
Windows that open on the upper floors have a system that protects you from falling and it is designed as an integral part of the building system.

BILT homes are equipped with standard double glazing, which is logical, because good sound and thermal insulation are more comfortable to live with.

Adjustable facilities

The utilities and the pipework of a BILT House are scalable and modular. This allows you to easily install an extra toilet or bathroom. Furthermore, BILT has movable power sockets. You can connect your electronic devices where you find it most logical.

Floor finish

You can choose any floor finishing for your BILT house. However BILT recommends that in order to maintain the benefits of a modular floor, you use the 60 cm x 60 cm grid that BILT uses indoors.

Wall finish

The standard inner walls of your BILT house are delivered white. However, you are completely free to customize this as you wish with:

  • wallpaper

  • (spray) paint

  • wooden panels

  • fiber cement panels

  • textile

Facade finish

With a BILT house you decide which color and material to use for the exterior of your house. This can be done by using aesthetic panels such as:


  • wood

  • vertical solar panels

  • vertical gardens

  • natural stones

  • brickwork

  • (stretch) metal

  • sheet materials