Architecture for Timeless Temporality

BILT designs, develops and sells homes. BILT is always responsible for the buying and assembly of all parts. The process is simple and transparent because the customer has only one point of contact for the design, the purchase and the delivery of his BILT home

A totally unique system

The BILT building construction system is a complete alternative for building.

Traditionally, the design of the house is fixed after construction. BILT offers the possibility to continuously change the house.

The system consists of modular building panels that carry, separate, isolate and are a finished product. These panels, walls and floors are simply screwed together via an external framework.


“A BILT house can be built anywhere, can be large or small and can be up to 4 stories high”.


The interior walls are movable. This allows for any random placing of the walls that can be changed whenever required by the customer himself. The utilities of the house are located directly under the modular floor, which makes adjustments easy. This modular design allows the shape, size and design of a BILT house to be adaptable.


Prices starting at €430,000.-

Info event (English spoken) new build project BILT Waterrijk

10 detached houses made of the first circular building system of its kind. 

Truly innovative, sustainable, modular & flexible!

Configure your own BILT house in our configurator on


When: Saturday December 2nd, doors open at 11:00hrs

Where: Echt Welschap, Zandkasteel 43, 5658 BE Eindhoven

Registration: not necessary

The BILT model house

BILT holds office in the BILT model house.
The model house was built to show the best of BILT and to show all the innovations embedded.
BILT is the first real circular construction system, not just a concept but a real product.

Sigmund Rombergstraat 47, 3543 GC Utrecht

Visit our model house, and we’ll help you with the right application for your personal living wishes. The BILT construction system has been developed to provide predictable results very quickly and effectively. Whether it’s full house design, facade finishing, imagery, features, purchase and maintenance costs, it’s all amazingly smooth and complete.